Girl Power Weekend: Celebrating Women In Radio

Women of iHeartMedia Nashville

This weekend is 107.5 The RIVER's Girl Power Weekend powered by Speedway. We are celebrating women by playing the baddest female artists and the biggest girl power anthems...but that's not all! We want to take a minute to highlight all of the women who make radio happen!

No matter whether it is on-air talent, producers, promotions, digital, sales, or traffic - women are involved in every department and aspect of the radio and music industry. This weekend we will be highlighting women in radio who embody the definition of a true GIRL BOSS. They excel in every aspect of their job and deserve more recognition than they receive. 

Meet Robin - Promotions Director

iHeartMedia Nashville

Robin is from St. Charles, Illinois, and is the Promotions Director for 1075 The River, 1011 The BEAT, and 1510 WLAC. When asked for about a bio she replied, "I don’t have a bio because that would be the most boring thing anyone has ever read" - but this is far from true. 

Robin is the heart and soul behind our Live. Life. Love. Suicide Prevention Concert. Her dream was to put on an event to raise awareness for suicide prevention and with the work of her team, 107.5 The River successfully raised over $15,000 for To Write Love On Her Arms, an organization dedicated to suicide prevention. 

When asked about the event, she replied, " It was the most incredible experience of my life."

What made you want to get into radio/music?

"Alright soooo sob story. I struggled with a lot of mental health issues as a kid, so I relied on music to help me through it. When I reached high school and went through the hardest times of my life, music was still there for me. Aside from family, music was the only constant. When I went to college, I knew I wanted to do something that would allow me to bring music to people that needed it.  For me, radio was the perfect fit."

Meet Savannah - Music Director + Morning Show Co-Host

1075 The River, Woody & Jim Show

Savannah has been with The RIVER since she began as an intern for iHeartMedia Nashville as a senior in college.  She is The RIVER's Music Director, co-host on the Woody & Jim Morning Show and a single mom to a perfect, crazy little boy!

What advice would you give to young girls that want to pursue a career in radio/music?

Say yes to every opportunity, and figure out the logistics later. Also, don't be afraid to make your ambition clear to the people in leadership positions. FIND A MENTOR. Ask them to teach you things, LEARN everything that you can from them, and make yourself indispensable.

Meet Toi - Receptionist

iHeartMedia Nashville

Toi is the face you meet as soon as you enter iHeartMedia's Nashville office. She has worked in the music industry for 30+ years in positions ranging from accounting to being a Vice President.  With her experience she has had the opportunity to work with and manage artists of every genre!

What made you want to get into radio/music?

"I feel into the entertainment industry accidentally.  I was looking for a job and was driving past Universal Studios in North Hollywood and thought, "That would be interesting and fun," so I walked in and filled out an application.  The next day I received a call for an interview with Uni Records, a small label, and was hired! I started work the following day. I must admit I was very lucky."

Meet Sassy - Program Director

103.7 KISS FM - Chattanooga

Sassy is from Wichita Kansas and has been in Chattanooga for three years and loves the endless possibilities the city offers for go-getters like herself!  She does not have any kids or a husband and is perfectly fine with that because she and Netflix are in a committed relationship and it’s getting serious.

What advice would you give to young girls that want to pursue a career in radio/music?

"Don't sleep with the artists, don't cry at work, and mean what you say. Radio has come a long way but it's still a man's world. Make connections, be great to work with, and don't complain about working extra hours. It will pay off."

Meet Kaitlyn - Digital Program Director

iHeartMedia Nashville

Kaitlyn is from Adams, Tennessee and loves all things marketing.  She overseas all of the websites, digital content, social media accounts and digital coverage of events for all seven iHeartRadio stations in Nashville. 

What was your journey like from starting out to where you are now?

"After graduating college with a degree in Corporate Communications, I took what I would consider to be a "boring" communications job.  I was technically using my degree, but did not love or even like what I was doing.  On a whim, I quit my job in hopes that I could make a career out of social media marketing - which in my small town, people thought was CRAZY.  I landed a job marketing for a locally owned salon/boutique and building their social media presence, but still dreamed I could do more with social media marketing. 

iHeartMedia had an opening for a part time position, and I knew it was a risk I had to take.  I left my full time job (and murdered my savings account) to commute an hour to Nashville everyday.  I never dreamed that I would someday land the position that I have, but I'll be the first to tell you - the reward was far greater than the risk.  Getting into the radio/music industry is not easy.  I still cannot give up the small town life, so I commute an hour to and from work.  I wake up each day wanting to go to work, and loving what I do.  To me, I know I am living them dream."

Meet Jessica - Assistant Promotions Director

iHeartMedia Nashville

Jessica is from Troy, Michigan and has a degree in Music Industry Management. She is the Assistant Promotions Director for 1075 The River, 1011 The BEAT, and 1510 WLAC.

When asked her favorite work memory, she said, "Seeing Sam Hunt perform on stage at the Ryman for the Million Dollar Show and getting him from his dressing room! AND doing the lettuce challenge on Facebook Live with the RIVER staff!"

What advice would you give to young girls that want to pursue a career in radio/music?

"Don't be afraid to speak up and make your opinions and ideas heard - you are JUST as important as everyone else. Even though the human race has progressed majorly over the past few decades, there are still hints of inequality throughout the industry - you just can't let it discourage you, use it to your advantage and let it make you stronger!

Also - go into the industry out of a love for music - not for money or a completely stable career. It takes a lot of sweat and tears (and a diet of cheap food...usually Taco Bell) to get into the music industry. You'll make little money and most likely be working 3 jobs, but it's worth it for the experiences and the people you get meet."

Meet Megan - Regional Graphic Designer

iHeartMedia Nashville

Megan is from a small town in Wisconsin, and got her music business degree in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She makes up part of the Nashville digital department and overseas the graphic design and branding for the Nashville Region, including Birmingham, Huntsville, Chattanooga and Tuscaloosa. 

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