List Of The Top Ten Things That Distract Us at Work

Sometimes it's really hard to focus on things at work. Always checking your phone, social media, people around the office. It's hard to really focus on work when literally EVERYTHING else is trying to pull your attention away and then all of a sudden it's time to go home and you didn't get much done at work. 

A new survey found the top 10 things that DISTRACT us at work and destroy our productivity and after looking at the list below, it's true! 

1.  Checking social media.  47% of people said they spend time on social media when they should be working.


2.  Reading news websites, 45%.


3.  Talking with your coworkers about stuff that's not work-related, 38%.


4.  Coffee breaks, 31%.


5.  Smoking breaks, 28%.


6.  Texts or instant messages, 27%.


7.  Eating snacks, 25%.


8.  Making food, 24%.


9.  Phone calls that aren't work-related, 24%.


10.  Searching for NEW JOBS, 19%. 

Via: VoucherCloud

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