NSYNC is Releasing New Merchandise!

Anyone else remember where they were when they first heard NSYNC's debut song, "I Want You Back"? No? Just me? The year was 1998, I was a mere 7 years old...probably wearing a Backstreet Boys shirt (which I still own, by the way). 

Well, all my fellow 90s babes...I have some exciting news for you! NSYNC is releasing brand new retro merchandise in 2018!

^^That right there is an accurate depiction of my reaction when I got this news!

The collection will include all the usual stuff - tshirts, jackets, figurines, accessories...all that. But then it gets weird (and equally amazing). Not only are they hitting us with 90s fashion but there's gonna be seasonal and home decor....and a slot machine! Is the jackpot on the slot machine a real-life Justin Timberlake??

The line doesn't come out til March, but I'm already saving my money! I'm not really sure what to expect from it but based on the 90s theme I know its gonna be obnoxious which means I'm gonna LOVE IT!

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