Child Named David "Haunts" NYC Apartment

If you're not familiar with Dear David, here's a quick rundown. 

Back in August, Adam Ellis of NYC started getting visits from a creepy child with a misshapen head in his dreams. The dreams continue for a while and eventually we learned the child's name is "Dear David" and he'd been killed in some sort of "accident" that caused the injury to his head.

Then things start to get weird...every night for several days straight, Adam's cats got together by the door at exactly midnight as if they heard something on the other side of the door. It just kept getting weirder from there - things started moving around the apartment, pictures would turn up all black, Adam started getting unexplained bruises...

At this point, I'm like OMG THIS IS SO CREEPY! I'm really into supernatural stuff, so I was all about it.

But then, Adam set up a camera in his bedroom so that he could get pictures of this so called "Dear David". He set his phone to take a picture every 60 seconds and managed to get a few creepy pictures of David. 

So for the last 4 months I've been checking this kid's Twitter daily to find out the latest on his haunted apartment and these are the pictures I get it?'re gonna look at these pictures and tell me its not just a doll with a dented head and a striped shirt sitting on a couch and then standing on a bed?

Technically this could all still be true but COME ON! That's totally a doll right?? You can read the FULL story on this "haunting" HERE.

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