Girl Guilts Dad Into Adopting a Cat

I think we've all begged our parents for a pet at some point, right? Well, no one has begged quite like 13-year-old Peyton Grubisic. Instead of using the usual "I'll take care of it. I'll clean the litter box. I'll feed it everyday.", Peyton hit her dad right in the feels! 

She created a "wall of sorrow", full of notes about how the cats needed to be rescued and find a good home! 

But my favorite is this one of a cat crying ALL BECAUSE HER DAD WOULDN'T LET HER ADOPT IT!

Well, Peyton's hard work payed off and her dad FINALLY let her get a cat...and of course she picked the one in most need of a home - a kitty named Mittens that was one of the oldest cats in the shelter! I just wish I had been this smart as a dad definitely would have fallen for it!

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