Best Unique Bars In Nashville

Nashville has been a very popular town over the past couple of years and with everyone and their mom wanting to move here, many new business and old are getting more crowded! One thing around Nashville that is always changing is the bar scene. We have compiled a few of our favorite bars you should check out!

First up on our list is Hemingway's Bar & Hideaway. They have some really great food there and when you order your drink, they have a very unique way of making it just for you!

Next on our list is a bar over in Green Hills called The Green House. Yes it is actually a Green House where you would grow plants and stuff! 

Skull's Rainbow room located in Printer's Alley is another one of our favorite spots. Here's a little back story behind the bar!

If you're really wanting to go to a fun bar, we suggest Santa's Pub. You can't miss it either. It's a trailer with a BIG photo of Santa on the side. Just a heads up though, you will need to bring cash with you!

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