Best Burgers Around Nashville

When you hear Nashville, some people think Hot Chicken, but another really good thing to eat around Nashville are our burgers. We have came up with a list of some of the best places to grab a burger and they are in no particular order!

Gabby's Burger and Fries

You can even create your own burger. Add eggs, peppers, mushrooms, cheeses, bacon or anything else they can think of including peanut butter And the sweet potato fries are amazing!

The Pharmacy

Over in East Nashville, this is one of many popular spots! You'll always see a line wrapped around the building to get in there! They also have some really good fountain drinks as well!

Swaney Swift's on the Square

Swaney's is just a short drive outside of Nashville down in Gallatin right on the square. They have Handcrafted Burgers, Tap Room, Soda Fountain and Homespun Shakes. We suggest when you go order the Farm House Burger!

Brown's Diner

Founded in 1927 and in continuous operation ever since. From its modest beginnings in a mule-drawn trolley car, Brown’s has become a favorite watering hole for platinum selling recording artists and construction workers alike. Home of Nashville’s oldest beer license, too many “Best Cheeseburger” awards to list, and an ambience that simply can’t be re-created, Brown’s is a Nashville institution that shouldn’t be missed.

These are a few of our favorite places to grab a burger and we're always looking for a new place to grab a burger so if you have a suggestion, let us know so we can try it out!

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