Best Fried Chicken Around Nashville

Here in Tennessee we are best known for our fried food. One big thing a lot of people talk about is where the best place to get fried chicken at. Well we know of quite a few places to hit up if you want some good fried chicken! These are in no particular order either.

Arnold's Country Kitchen

On any given day, you will drive by Arnold's and there will be a line all the out the door and wrapped around the building. Their menu is different every day but one that is a favorite is the fried chicken!  


Monell's isn't your ordinary restaurant. There you have your meal family style! You will be sitting at a table with other people than who you came with and it's actually really cool! Just remember to pass to the left when you're done with the plate of food!

Miss Mary Bobo's

Miss Mary Bobo's is a short drive outside of Nashville in Lynchburg! They have the same concept of Monell's and let us just say this, make sure you go on a day they have fried chicken and the fudge pie. You'll definitely need stretchy pants after eating here! 

Now if you're wanting the Nashville experience and want some of our Famous HOT CHICKEN, you should check out these places!

Prince's Hot Chicken

Prince's Hot Chicken is where is all began in Nashville! There's always a line out the door to get into this place and let's just say you may think you can handle the hottest they have but good luck! 

Hattie B's

You can always guarantee, that if you drive by the one in midtown the line will be wrapped around the building but it's worth it! They also have some awesome Mac and Cheese! 

Big Shake's Shake

Chef "Big Shake" has opened a restaurant in his local town of Franklin, TN featuring his Hot Chicken along with his famous Shrimp Burger as seen on ABC's Shark Tank.

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