What Is The Best State In The U.S.?

We’re pretty sure that Tennessee is the best state in the country, but that's our personal opinion. 

We also know that can’t possibly be true, because there are 50 states and not everyone can be the best. 

Well, the debate over which state is the best can stop now because a new report from "U.S. News & World Report" seems to have the answer.

The magazine evaluated all 50 states on a range of factors including education, healthcare, infrastructure, quality of life, economy, and more and determined that Iowa is the state that best serves their citizens. Iowa comes out on top for infrastructure, , and also lands in the top three for healthcare. It also ranks high for opportunity, which includes metrics like education and income inequality.

Here is the top 10!

  • Iowa
  • Minnesota
  • Utah
  • North Dakota
  • New Hampshire
  • Washington
  • Nebraska
  • Massachusetts
  • Vermont
  • Colorado

Now you're probably wondering where did Tennessee rank on this list? We couldn't even break the top 20, we got number 26!!

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