Live Feed Of Outerspace From NASA

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Cue jaw-drop 😮 Behold, our beautiful planet Earth in all its natural splendor, captured from 250 miles above by astronaut Ricky Arnold (@Astro_Ricky) who is currently living and working on the International Space Station (@iss). He posted this stunning shot of the Red Sea to social media saying, “Humankind’s most advanced technology serves as the foreground for a timeless land." As you read this, six humans are orbiting planet Earth at 17,500mph in a football-field sized microgravity laboratory. During their time on the space station, they conduct important science and research that not only benefits life here on Earth, but will eventually help us send humans deeper into the solar system than ever before. Credit: NASA/@Astro_Ricky #nasa #space #earth #wow #beautiful #jawdrop #orbit #astronaut #earthscience #ocean #spacestation #research #science #planet #solarsystem #pictureoftheday

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Not going to lie, we've always wanted o go to outer space! Now thanks to NASA we can, well sort of! They have set up a camera at the space station of a LIVE feed from everything that is going on and let's just say we've been watching it for pretty much the past hour and haven't got anything at work done. We thought we'd share this with you so you can procrastinate and not get any work done either!



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