Cheatham County Officers Testing Out Dog Repellent

Travis Binkley & Lori Pardue are using a tragic moment to help spread awareness and prevent officers from killing dogs. After a Cheatham County Sherriff's officer shot and killed their dog, they felt driven to take action in her honor. 

They are working with the Cheatham County Sheriff's office, to equip all deputies with the "Good Life Animal Repeller." The device is described as an ultrasonic device designed to scare off animals of all kind. 

This past Friday, Deputy Mike Havens and Chief Tim Binkley demonstrated how the device works. Clearly in the video below you can see the dogs behavior change when the device is activated.

According to the officers the device can be effective up to 20 to 50 feet away. 

Travis and Lori are wanting to help prevent what happened to Sadie and believe that equipping officers with this device will work and save the lives of many family pets. Travis and Lori have also started a Go Fund Me campaign that will help raise money to provide officers with these devices. They cost about $26.95 apiece. 

If you would like to help out and donate, you can donate to Project Sadie's Buttons HERE.

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