Bird Scooters Are Coming Back To Nashville

Remember a while back when all of a sudden you saw scooters just on the side of the road here in Nashville? Well, they had a good run until city officials deemed them not to be safe. Then out of nowhere, the city started picking them up and they just disappeared. 

Of course, we understand how they could see them not being safe. Even though the company stated you must wear a helmet when you ride them, but who is just carrying a helmet on them?! Good news if you were one of the few people who liked the Bird Scooters!

It appears that the Bird Scooters on track to return to Nashville, and they could make their way back before the end of the month. Early Wednesday morning, the Nashville Metro Council gave a new set of rules for bicycles and electronic or motorized scooters.

This new rule would allow for the return of the Birds! 

There were also more rules about safety and precautions about riding them Metro set into place that you can read more on HERE!

BTW inside edition did a video on how to ride these safely for those of you who want to give these scooters a try. 

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