Cheekwood Is Already Hanging Up Christmas Lights

There are just a few weeks left until Summer and the last thing on our mind is Christmas. We haven't even gotten to Halloween or Thanksgiving! Well one place here in Nashville already has Christmas on their mind. That place is Cheekwood. 

Every year around Christmas time all of Cheekwood is decked out in MILLIONS of Christmas lights. (BTW if you're looking for the perfect date night, go to the lights at Cheekwood.) Cheekwood has 55 acres of land and you can imagine that it would take FOREVER to hang up all of those lights. 

Well as of Wednesday, they have already started hanging up the lights! The people over at Cheekwood said the process of hanging up all of the lights usually takes about 3 months. The Christmas lights start on November 23rd and run through December 30th. 

Now in the meantime while you are in the Christmas mood for the second how about we play some Christmas music while you check out some of the photos from Cheekwood's Christmas lights.

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