You Can Spend The Night In These Castles Near Nashville

We're always looking for weekend getaways ideas and we believe that we have found the perfect one! After doing some digging around the internet, we have found a few castles, yes castles that you can spend the night in.

Up first on the list if you don't mind the 4.5-hour drive it's totally worth it. Let us introduce you to the Biltmore in North Carolina. My personal opinion I would consider this a castle.

You can check out room prices HERE! 

Next up on the list is the Kentucky Castle and it's located guessed it Kentucky! It's about a 3-hour drive outside of Nashville. After we looked at a few of the rooms we thought man this would be an awesome date night idea. Rooms range from $295 and up!

You can actually check out the rooms HERE!

Up next on our list is the Williamswood Castle which is located out in Knoxville. It does it look like there's some sort of ghost in there yeah, but who cares this place looks EPIC!! The best part about this castle is you can Airbnb it!!

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