Black Bear Spotted In Middle Tennessee Neighborhood

One thing you hardly see in Middle Tennessee are black bears, that is until now! A black bear has been spotted on a farm in Montgomery County over the weekend! Matt Powell was looking back over his trail camera when he spotted something that you don't normally see in these parts of Tennessee.

Matt spotted a black bear roaming his property in the Sango community. Sango is near exit 11 in Clarksville. According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, they believe that the bear is around 2 years old and is a male. 

Apparently, this isn't the first time this bear has been captured here in Middle Tennessee. Barry Cross with the TWRA said this same bear was captured on a trail cam two weeks ago in Logan County, Kentucky. That's about 40 miles away from this recent photos. 

The TWRA said they don't plan to intervene with the bear’s path unless it becomes a nuisance. They also advise that if you do happen to see a black bear in the wild do not approach it and to call the TWRA at 615-781-6500 if you do see one.

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