Here's How Many Hours You'll Sit In Nashville Traffic This Year

It's no surprise sitting in traffic SUCKS!! It seems like we spend the majority of our day just sitting in traffic. Well, good news! We now know exactly how much time we spend just sitting there in traffic!

According to a new study done by INRIX, found that Nashville is the 27th most-congested city in the United States. Which you would probably know while you're driving to and from work every day! 

Well according to this study, they say we are going to spend 33 hours in your car this year sitting in Nashville traffic. 

You're probably wondering how they figured this out? The 33 hours translate into how much being stuck in traffic will cost us and it $1,469. Oh yeah, and that adds up pretty quick and will cost the city an estimated $1.2 billion a year in direct and indirect costs associated with those delays.

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