19 Inventive Nashville Date Ideas

Fall is almost in full swing, and you’re more than ready for that fall fling, right? First, you should know our idea of a ‘fall fling’ is a bit different than most – We see it as having memorable moment with someone you care about (See? Married folks can have ‘fall flings’ too!). Regardless of where you’re at in your ‘fling’ relationship— met last night or married for 20 years—, you can ALWAYS find something new to do, and that’s where we’re here to help!

Here’s a list of some of the most ‘inventive’ dates around Nashville we could think of. Go forth, start your ‘fall fling’ in style, and tell us when you do!


Now, finish this sentence: We want to go on this date...

...Because We're All About Adventure.

Take It To The Trees- Explore a different side of Nashville by heading up into the trees! Located right outside of the city, Adventureworks has zip lines up to 800 feet long, and about 85 feet high, so you’re sure to show your adventurous side here! We know this summer heat may be too much to handle during the day for some--  They even have occasional nighttime zip tours!

Find Hidden Treasure – Geo-Catching and Letterboxing are real-world, outdoor treasure hunting games using clues and/or GPS, and they’re ALL OVER Nashville! We think this may be the coolest date ever… 

Just Call Me Sherlock- Explore the city of Nashville with a bit more excitement than you would have if you were just walking around… Stray Boots is a way for you to take a Nashville walking tour that plays out like a game on your phone, all on your own schedule! Hint: They also have a Groupon right now!  

Become a Paddle Pro- Yes, we said it. Paddleboarding-- Try it! Remember: You’re the one looking in the ‘adventurous dates’ section! 

Belay On- Nashville has one of the coolest rock climbing facilities! Climb Nashville is a great place to go spend a few hours of your day! Plus, if you’re spotting each other, you’re just establishing trust—you can thank us later.

Off The Beaten Path- With some of the most beautiful trails around the city, what better way is there for you to spend your day getting to know one another? Take a hike around Radnor Lake or Percy Priest Lake. Maybe even do some fishing while you’re there!  


...Because Kids Have More Fun.

Shoot 'Em Down- As a kid, you went to at least one party at a laser tag facility.  In case you’ve forgotten, it really is a TON of fun. So, you’re competitive, eh? Test it out during a friendly game at Laser Quest!

Drive Them Crazy- You can drive off into the night (and by ‘night’, we mean ‘building’) at Nashville’s AWESOME Music City Indoor Karting! Word of Advice: Men, this doesn’t give you an excuse to talk about ‘how women drive,’ and you know EXACTLY what we mean.

Get Your Jump On- Growing up, there was always that one kid who had a trampoline in his back yard… If you’re anything like us, however, you were never that kid. Don’t worry! You can officially make up for all that missed trampoline time from your childhood. Sky High Sports is an indoor trampoline facility (the floors and walls are all trampolines), and they have late night jumping sessions for adults only. Side note: They also have some pretty fierce games of dodgeball here too!

Explore The Science Center- We know what you’re thinking- “If someone sees me attempting to play ‘Chopsticks’ while walking across this giant piano, they’ll judge me.” Not if it’s during a ‘Way Late Play Date’! On these afterhours nights at the Adventure Science Center, only adults (21+) are allowed inside, and drinks are included!



...Because We Want To Wine And Dine.

Heat It Up- So, you want to make dinner for your date, but you can't cook? Salud! Cooking School is the spot for you! Here, you can participate in a cooking class and successfully hide the fact that you only know how to make toast. If you're confident enough, you may even use these newly acquired "kitchen skills" on your next date!  

Boozy Tour- You may need a little liquid courage, and that's fine (21+ Only, of course)! Instead of hitting up your local dive bar, however, head over to Corsair Distillery. While there, you can take a tour of one of the classier 'boozy' spots in town, then finish up with a tasting in their taproom! (We love Yazoo Brewery tours, as well!)  

You Had Me At 'Merlot'- If you're not big whiskey fans, you're in luck. (You're also probably not from Tennessee.) Just a few minutes outside of town sits the #1 Tennessee winery, Arrington Vineyards. They offer tastings of their award-winning wines that would satisfy anyone, from critics to self-proclaimed 'wineos'! Make sure to try some of the blackberry or raspberry wine—it comes with chocolate! 

Everything's Better With Chocolate- Did you know you can tour a chocolate factory in Nashville!? Olive and Sinclair is open for tours and tasty treats on Saturdays. 


...Because We're Refreshingly Old-Fashioned.

Look-Out Central - A trendy and "hidden" spot, Love Circle is the site the locals refer to as Music City's 'Lover Lane'. Located near Vanderbilt, this residential street winds its way up a steep hill. Grab a milkshake at Sonic, and head up to the small park at the end of the street for the most romantic view of Nashville.

Vinyl Lovers Only - If your date loves good music, you won't find a cooler place than United Record Pressing.  This small factory has been pressing vinyl since 1949, and lucky for you, they give tours of their facility on Fridays! 

Drive-In Dreams - So, you’ll have to trek about 30-40 minutes to get to this particular date spot, but we think it’s so worth it! Stardust Drive-In Theatre is the perfect place for a getaway date night, complete with cheap concessions (or bring your own picnic for just $6!), great movies, and a comfortable atmosphere!

Something Old, Something New - If you like old things, you’ll love downtown Franklin.  This historic town is home to a completely restored 1930s movie theater, great restaurants, and some of the best antique shops in the state. It’s a great place to go, browse, and just have a relaxing afternoon.  You may even want to take a Segway Tour while you're there!   


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