Score A Free Thanksgiving Turkey

We're just days away from Thanksgiving and most places you go to get your groceries things are already starting to sell out! One thing that is a must have at every Thanksgiving is the turkey. Although the price of the turkey can sometimes get out of hand. 

Turns out there are a few stores that are actually going to be giving away turkeys for FREE!! 

Yep, you read that right, a few places are giving away free birds for Thanksgiving and here are some deals you can hit up and get these free turkeys! 

  • Albertsons - Use your Albertsons Rewards membership to get a free Signature Farms turkey when you spend $150 in a single grocery run, through November 22nd.
  • Fareway - Spend $50 or more at the supermarket’s Famous Fresh Meat Counter and get a free 14-pound Fareway Basted Young Turkey. And if you need something larger, they’ll apply the discount to a bigger bird at the register. Through November 22nd.
  • Giant Food Stores - Customers with 400 Gas Extra Rewards Points can get a free frozen Giant Brand Grade A Turkey up to 20 pounds.
  • ShopRite - They make scoring that free turkey more of a challenge here, where shoppers will have to spend $300 on groceries and be a Price Plus member to get it, but the $300 doesn’t have to be spent all in one visit. And they’re giving away more than just free turkeys - they’re giving away ham, chicken, lasagna, and Tofurky as well, through November 22nd.
  • Weis Markets - To get a free Weis Quality Frozen Turkey, shoppers must be members of the store’s free Preferred Shopper's Club and spend $400 before Thanksgiving, but customers could start accumulating points on October 4th ($1 equals one point.)

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