What You Need To Know Before Working At Amazon in Nashville

Everybody was pretty pumped when they found out that Amazon was making Nashville one of their hubs. With that announcement, that mean there were going to be some new job opportunities for people around town. 

Before, you go and start submitting applications, there are a few things you should know about before you apply. Let's get things started, first thing you should know is that Amazon does plan to hire more than 5,000 workers for its new Operations Center of Excellence at the Nashville Yards development downtown. 

The types of jobs they will be focused on will be logistics. So they will be hiring for management and tech positions. Now these aren't just any tech positions. These positions will include computer scientists and software developers.  

Let's move on to what the pay is going to be. Salaries are expected to average more than $150,000. Now, not all positions will earn that much money, but that is what we've seen.

Hiring for these new positions start this year, so if you're wanting to get a jump start, you can apply HERE!

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