How to Protect Yourself Against "Porch Pirates" This Month

You can't scroll thorough social media without seeing someone sharing a video of a 'porch pirate' stealing a package off someones porch. With it being the holidays, package theft is on the rise. We have found a few things that you could do to deal with those 'porch pirates'

1.  Ship things to an Amazon locker, a UPS or FedEx store or to your work.  Just make sure it's cool with your boss to receive personal packages.

2.  Team up with neighbors.  If you have a neighbor who's retired or works from home, ask them if you can ship something to their house . . . or if they'd collect any packages left at your door.

3.  Request a signature delivery.  The downside is somebody needs to be home to sign for it.  And depending on your work schedule, you might end up in a long line at the Post Office on a Saturday.

4.  Track packages online.  Also, sign up for delivery notifications in case the package gets delayed . . . or delivered earlier than expected.

5.  Install security cameras.  There are several camera systems that record AND send real-time alerts to your phone when the motion detector senses movement.

6.  Make it look like you're home.  Leave lights on a timer.  If you have an extra car, park it in the driveway so it looks like you're home.  Even small changes can make a thief pass your house for an easier target. 

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