Listeners Tell Us "Nashville Alternative Facts!"

Because Sean Spicer delivered some untrue statements regarding the Presidential Inauguration and Kellyanne Conway tried to cover his back by saying he was "offering some alternative facts"... AKA LYING.

We decided to have Nashville residents give us some "Alternative Facts' about Nashville!

Some  were HILARIOUS!

Hotel prices are so freaking affordable! #nashvillealternativefacts

Home of the Titans, the greatest team to ever play football #nashvillealternativefacts

Woody only orders what he absolutely needs from Amazon #NashvilleAlternativeFacts

Savannah is the worst part of the show and definitely does NOT brighten my day when I hear her voice! #NashvilleAlternativeFacts

Savannah is NEVER wrong and IF she was she would gladly admit that she was #NashvilleAlternativeFacts

Living in East Nashville does not make you a pretentious hipster. #nashvillealternativefacts

That construction that was just started on the interstate, it will be done in no time. #Nashvillealternativefacts

The Music City Center just isn't big enough. #nashvillealternativefacts

If you are moving to Nashville move to an exit off 24. There is never any traffic and you'll always be on time for work. #nashvillealternativefacts