Gorgeous Prom Dress Online Turns Out To Be Halloween Costume.

High school student Juliet Jacoby anxiously waited for the red taffeta and lace prom gown she bought from a website. It was $149, but it looked gorgeous on the site.

But when she opened the package... well, it wasn't exactly the prom dress of her dreams.  It was the prom dress of her nightmares.

It certainly wasn't what she expected. She got something that resembled the remnants of a cheap chinese flag adorned with red crepe paper shredded and glued to a flesh toned body suit.

But at least she has a sense of humor about it and warned others about Wanelo.com!  Maybe she could whip something together that would look better. Like a camping tarp cinched with a belt.

Thankfully, she's getting some love on twitter.

images: giphy.com