Fitbit Contradicts Husband's Story Of His Wife's Murder.

He said an intruder killed his wife. But the fitbit says she was active long after her supposed time of death.

Richard Dabate told police he got home at 9am (after dropping kids off at school) when he was confronted by an intruder who fought with him and then shot his wife, Connie Dabate.   

But the Fitbit his wife was wearing tells a different story. It says she was very active for at least an hour after the time Richard says she was murdered while he watched.

He's been charged with her murder.  And the evidence goes way beyond the fitbit.

According to the police, there's lots of inconsistencies and damning evidence.

  • the gun the "intruder" used to kill Mrs. Dabate was registered to her husband.
  • police dogs found no scent of anyone else being in their house
  • police found no evidence of the struggle Richard claimed to have with an intruder
  • he was in a relationship with another woman who is carrying his baby. (motive?)


  • He texted his wife within the last 12 months saying he wanted a divorce
  • The Hartford newspaper found credit card statements for his hotel stays with his girlfriend, along with charges for flowers he sent to her.

Richard Dabate is out of jail on 1 million dollars bail. His lawyer says he's innocent.

And as always, we remind everyone that people are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. But this doesn't look good.