Nashville Man Leaves Most Disturbing Comment Wishing Baby Was Killed.

In an earlier post to Facebook on the 1075theriver page...

the story was about a car that had flipped and submerged in flood waters. Good Samaritans jumped into the water to rescue a toddler and an infant.  But the heroics of strangers and value of human life was not the story for one Tennessee man.  

He instead gave advice about the children should be killed if it happens again.  No matter how you feel about immigration policies, do you really wish innocent children to die like this?

That's right. Middle Tennessee resident, Barry, suggested they don't help. Instead, he wants the heroes of this story help the car sink with children inside. 

At first we were so angry. Now we just feel bad for Barry. We imagine itt must be terrible to live everyday filled with such hate.

Here's the original video of the incredible story of strangers coming to the rescue.

The good news is, that little baby you saw being rescued is doing well.