'Stud or Dud' App Does Background Checks Instantly

Stud Or Dud is a new app that can give you a background check on someone in just seconds.  All you need is a name and phone number. 

You can find out their criminal history, traffic offenses, bankruptcies, and even if they're a sex offender.  This is perfect for a woman worried about her safety, right? Or even someone looking to hire a babysitter.  

And the check is free. But not everyone is happy about it.

Some say it's giving out waaaaaay too much personal information. But the president of the company that made the app says it's all public information, they just put it all in one convenient app.

The free app is in the iTunes store. We don't see in Google Play (sorry).

Don't want your info posted in the app? You can opt out. 

Click here.