Best Look Yet At What Could Be The iPhone 8.

This is our best look yet at what the next iPhone will look like. Take a look and we'll tell you the features it may have below.

Based on all the different leaks from credible sources (the one's who've been right on earlier iPhones), here's what features may be happenin.

  • Wireless charging (and not the laying on a charging mat kind, but a charger in the room that sends power to the battery)
  • the screen will take up the entire face of the phone and will be OLED tech. This will allow for a screen size you'd get in an iPhone 7plus, in the size of an regular iPhone (non - plus).
  • It might have 2 front facing cameras (like the back of the 7 plus) that gives the camera that beautiful 7 plus look where you're in perfect focus, but the background is blurred a bit like pro photos.

Here's the funny thing about these Apple rumors.  Tim Cook says iPhone sales are down.  But here's why.  People aren't buying phones now because they want the 8 when it comes out.