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Nashville Predator Stanley Cup ticket prices: What The Puck?

What few tickets will be available for games 3 and 4 of the Predators games in the Stanley Cup Finals will cost you some bank.  

Right now, season ticket holders are the only ones with access to buying tickets to the finals.  But soon, there will be tiny amount of tickets available to the public. Check out some of these screenshots from secondary reseller Stub Hub.

That's right. Nose bleed seats for $767. Seats on the glass $5,375.

Part of the reason is the Nashville Predator fans have never had the chance before, making tickets all the more desired. We've been waiting 19 years!!  

But really, it's not unusual.  Fans in other cities where teams have been there before, say it's not unusual to pay prices like that.  Cities like Chicago have gone through this 3 times in the last few years.  

Matt Joki, who relocated here from Chicago (and is now a Preds fan) told channel 4:

“When I look at the Blackhawks and the runs they had over the last three to six years, it’s right in line with where that pricing is. That’s the market,” he said.

There's always a trade that could be made.

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