Catfish Gate: Mayors And PETA Get Involved.

Catfish gate

The Preds fan who threw a catfish onto the ice in Pittsburgh is facing disorderly conduct charges. Pens fans are mad. Preds fans are cheering. Mayors are making statements. And PETA's getting involved. But in case you missed it:

Earlier Monday, we learned that not only was the Preds fan tossed from the game, he will also face disorderly conduct charges. 

The complaint said "it caused great annoyance and alarm, on many levels, of many patrons, players and officials in attendance."

As enthusiastic Predators fans as we are. We kinda get it. It's in THEIR building. We hated when Red Wings fans threw octopi onto the ice in Nashville. Charging the guy might actually stop the next renegade from smuggling a catfish into their barn. 

So then the Mayors of Nashville and Pittsburgh got involved. First, Nashville Mayor Megan Barry:

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Then the Mayor of Pittsburgh got very punny. 

Next, PETA got involved, writing a letter thanking the Penguins for tossing the tosser. 

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And they sent this message to all teams (like there's another besides Nashville right now).

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