Sidney Crosby Assaults Preds PK Subban, NHL Analyst LOVES It.

Crosby repeatedly pounds PK Subban's head into ice.

Crosby repeatedly pounds PK Subban's head into ice.

Nobody's whining about the outcome of the game here. The Predators were soundly defeated. They played terribly.

But let's talk about the physical assault of PK Subban by Penguins superstar Sidney Crosby.

Seriously.  Crosby is a guy who's lost tons of playing time from concussions (given to him intentionally by other players or through the course of normal play). Shouldn't he be even MORE aware of head trauma. The NHL says it cares about head trauma, but if this isn't investigated and acted on... their words are hollow.

There are petitions on started since last night to have Sidney punished, and to remove Mike Milbury from tv.

Now let's talk about NBC analyst Mike Milbury. He loved it. Much to the rage of every non-Penguin fan in the nation.

This isn't surprising. Mike Milbury has a history of deplorable events.  First was the incident where he was charged with assaulting a 12 yr old child while he was a Pee Wee coach.  From ESPN in 2011:

Milbury, who is currently an NHL analyst for Versus' "NHL Live," as well as the CBC's "Hockey Night in Canada," also was charged with threats to commit a crime and disorderly conduct after allegedly verbally and physically assaulting a 12-year-old boy during a Dec. 9 game at the rink at Larz Andersen Park in Brookline, Mass.

And then there was the time, as a player, when he went into the stands during a game (with his teammates) to attack fans. It wasn't enough that Milbury was wearing protective gear (including razor sharp blades). No, Milbury attacked the fan with a shoe.

But we're sure he had it coming.

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