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Former Titans QB Vince Young Spews Some Haterade.

Former Titan QB Vince Young is mad as hell.  After a tryout with a Canadian football team went south with an injury, he's without a job. He talked to Sports Illustrated and he spit out some haterade at current quarterbacks in the NFL AND unleashed the fury he has for his Titans coach, Jeff Fisher.

Of quarterbacks who still have a job, like Ryan Fitzpatrick (who signed a deal with Tampa Bay), he said, “I’d see a quarterback and be like, ‘Dude is garbage, and I’m over here in the kitchen cooking turkey necks. I hate to name-drop, but Fitzpatrick is still playing!? He leads the league in interceptions, and he’s still (expletive) getting paid? I mean what the (expletive) is going on?” 

Young also thinks his coach in Nashville set him up to look suicidal.  Go into the way-back and remember the events that led up to one crazy night.  He hurt his leg in a game against Jacksonville where he played very poorly.  The crowd booed and he threw his shoulder pads at fans in the stands. Then he never showed up for a medical appointment. Then his family called the team worried about him. They said he was depressed and left with a gun. Fisher called the team counselor and the police... who were waiting for him when he drove to the Titans complex.

About all that, he told the mag that Fisher was jealous of him and orchestrated the whole thing to make him look bad. 

“I’m looking at Fisher like, you can stop all this, all this suicidal talk. He’s sitting there, not saying nothing. I feel like he was just laughing at that (expletive). The cameraman hiding in the woods — it all felt like a big setup. And now I gotta walk through the airport as the Suicidal Guy for the rest of my life.”

He's also really mad about the time coach Fisher didn't hold the team plane for him because he showed up late. 

“I feel like Fisher did that (expletive) on purpose. I’m pulling in, seeing them pull the door down. I can hear the team yelling.”

He said to Fisher, “Where I’m from, that’s like saying, ‘(expletive) you.’”

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