Nashville Woman Shoots Her Husband Cuz He Left The Front Door Open

A Nashville woman has been charged with trying to kill her husband after an argument that started with her being angry that he left their front door open while making a run to the store.

According to police, Lakesha Johnson asked her husband to move out. The argument was escalating fast. Her husband, Justin, got into his car and started to drive away. That's when he says she shot at him several times and hit him in the arm.

Justin Johnson started to drive himself to the hospital, but he stopped to tell her he was hit. The affidavit claims she said, “B****, I don’t give a f***, I hope you die,".

Bullet casings found at their Curry Road home seem to back up his account, according to police.

Lakesha Johnson, 38, was arrested and is in jail for attempted homicide.