Cops Catch 'I Believe In Nashville' Vandal.

photos: MNPD

The a$$hat who spray painted over the "I Believe In Nashville" sign in the 12 South area turned himself in.  The guy was pretty brazen.  He flipped off the cameras and didn't do too much to hide his identity. The defacer is 20 yr old Brandon Murphy. He blacked out the stars and some lettering, and wrote "I believe in global warming.".

His 2 lookouts (one man, one woman) will not be charged.  But he's facing a felony because the damage is estimated at $1,000.  Murphy works at a sandwich shop in the 12 South district. 

On a personal note: We think he should he should serve a little time, and then do community service.  Paint houses for the underprivileged, elderly, disabled, etc. That's what "I Believe In Nashville" is all about. It was created to celebrate how we helped each other out after the floods of 2010.