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10 Things Millennials Have Killed, Including Sex.

Chloe Bryan, a writer at Mashable.com has claimed that millennials have murdered 70 things in America.  Including sex!

Personally, we believe every generation trashes old things and brings in new ways to do stuff. Millennials are no different.  They just have the tech now to do things quickly.  

We noticed that some of the things on the list are things that take a long time, which is a valuable commodity these days.

But here's a few of her examples with her explanations summarized by us.


They're having less sex because they're having less relationships, let alone marriage.


Studies show they don't drink beer as much and prefer wine and other alcohol. Maybe because they're trying to watch their weight, or they just want booze that tastes like Jolly Ranchers instead of hops.

Department stores

Millennials didn't kill them. Jeff Bezo's did. Why drive to the store to see 4 kinds of overpriced phone covers, when you can choose from thousands on Amazon and have them show up the next day?

Bar soap

Liquid soap dispensers, oils, and just wanting to stay away from creepy germ holders (bars of soap) are the reasons.


They're eating out more, cooking less. Also, it's one less thing to buy when you can just grab a paper towel instead (like at Famous Daves).


They're expensive and being connected through tech means they don't need to go places as much. Parking is a problem. There's Lyft and Uber. People are working from home.


Since younger guests only see a room as a place to sleep, hotels are removing desks, ripping out tubs in favor of showers-only, and makings rooms smaller.


They say they don't have the money, hate crowded places that mean awkward interpersonal relationships, and they're risk averse.


The love fitness classes, but hate going outside.  They don't like buying clothes and equipment that can only be used for one thing.  And who has time to spend an entire day walking around?


Millennials don't want to put their phone down for 2 hrs. Netflix doesn't require them to leave the house. 

To see the other 60 things Chloe says were murdered by millennials, click here.

images: Getty Images, Freeimages.com, and Giphy.com

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