Sewage Sprayed On Luggage at Nashville Airport.

A toilet at Nashville International Airport overflowed when someone stuffed it with paper towels. Then water flooded the bathroom and rained down on luggage going through a secure baggage conveyor belt, according to airport officials speaking to News 2.  The sewage sprayed the luggage of Southwest 380 passengers.

(not actual footage)

The airport cleaned all the luggage as if it were contaminated, because they couldn't assume it wasn't.  Customers are being compensated, and have further rights to damages, but passengers were mad that they were sent to their destinations BEFORE they were told specifics about the sewage spray.

Passenger Kate Riley told News 2:

“And the issue is, things happen. I mean, if a pipe bursts and our bags are covered in sewage, OK. But why did they board us and make us leave?” Riley questioned. “People had issues that we could’ve dealt with in Nashville. They knew that getting us on the plane, letting us happily fly out of Nashville with no luggage.”