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Is Halo Top Ice Cream Good For You? (+ 7 new flavors added!)

Halo Top just beat out Ben & Jerry's and Haagen-Daaz as the best selling pint of ice cream in Merica. That's a meteoric rise for the low calorie, pricey ice cream that just became all the rage.

But Time asked if it was healthy. Here's where you say, "you shut up about my new favorite thing, RIGHT NOW!". 

As for healthy, the CEO of Halo Top told Time:

“Everybody has their own definition of healthy,” he says. “For us, [it means] foods that are as unprocessed as they can be. Halo Top is something where people can eat the whole pint, or a lot more than a quarter of a cup of ice cream. It can fit into their diet without breaking the calorie bank.”

But a registered dietician isn't swallowing everything he's saying:

“My two pet peeves are that it feels like [Halo Top] is highlighting two things: ‘You can eat this entire pint for only a small amount of calories, and look at all this protein! No one should eat a whole point of ice cream. We should be sitting down to the recommended serving, which is half a cup. If you want to double it, fine, but you shouldn’t sit down to a pint.”

Halo Top uses the artificial sweetener Stevia and other sweeteners to keep the calorie count down.  Artificial sweeteners have been linked to weight GAIN recently. Research says the body craves real sweets and it's not getting it.  So it makes you seek out more food to satisfy the subconscious need.

Now the good news!

7 new flavors of Halo Top are coming and they sound soooooooo good.

Pancakes & Waffles

Cinnamon Roll

Mochi Green Tea

Rainbow Swirl

Candy Bar

Chocolate Covered Banana 

Caramel Macchiato.

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