The Coolest Mural In Nashville is Hidden. It's 15 Stories Tall.

It never comes up when people talk about the Nashville murals, but the most amazing mural is not in the Gulch or in the 12 South area.  It's in an old industrial section on the west side.

The old neighborhood (called The Nations) is being redeveloped with new housing, interesting eateries, and trendy coffee shops.  And watching it all happen is a 15 story tall man they call "LD". 

An old grain silo, that was being considered for demolition, was instead made awesome. Australian artist Guido Van Helten was hired to paint a giant mural of lifelong resident Lee Estes. Using a giant cherry picker, Van Helton spray painted this incredible portrait of the 91 year old man.

Estes represents the history of the neighborhood.  On the side of the silo, are two children reaching toward the man. They represent the future.

The detail of these murals are amazing. While it's not as easy to Instagram a pic with a giant building, it is something you must see in person.

Here's how to find it. Head west on Charlotte Pike and turn right at 51st (bank with the gold dome on the corner). Keep going north about a mile and there it is.

Watch this set of incredible drone videos to see how the artist did it.