Woody and Jim

Woody and Jim

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One Armed Girl Owns Tinder.

Lauren from San Diego made the very best Tinder profile ever. The world is swiping right.  

A year ago, she lost her arm. She was driving a moped, hit a median, and well... you can guess the gory details.  

Now she has regained her sense of self. And her sense of humor.  She doesn't address the elephant in the room. She gives the elephant a hilariously good talking-to.  

Look at her Tinder profile and take notes. 

Life dealt her a near death experience and an amputation. But she's having fun with it.

And it's not just guys who love hot women with a sense of humor flocking to her.  She's also getting really positive messages in her DM's from fellow amputees and the disabled. They find inspiration in Lauren.

And back to that amazing bio that lists her personality as a 20/10. Turns out she doesn't even remember writing it.  She came drunk from a night out and found that it was already on Reddit when she first read-it. At least while sober.

And if you're wondering... yes, she would like a prosthetic arm to make life a little easier. So if you're inclined, click the Go Fund Me below and lend her a hand (cough, cough, she's funnier).

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