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Dear Katy Perry: Don't Make Any More Music Videos

Bless her heart. Katy Perry's supposed Taylor dis track 'Swish Swish' has been made into one of the worst music videos we've seen in a long time.  

She's back tracked from this being about T-Swift and is pretending the song is about basketball.  But who cares about that? Let's instead talk about how terrible this is.

But first, here's 6 minutes you'll never get back. 

Before we show you the internet's reaction, here's some observations.

Miley Cyrus should sue for infringement on her drug-fueled phase where she was floating in space with cats.

It's good that the writers and directors of Skittles and "Step Into A Slim Jim" commercials have found work.

Cheap basketball shots to the face and crotch have made a comeback.


Molly Shannon is a basketball coach. OK.

Backpack kid gets 5 seconds and deserves to be the focal point, because it's the only part we enjoyed.  

Curly haired Stranger Things kid is wasted.

She loves her some meme references. A lot.

Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night" former self makes an appearance and reminds us of better times.

Nicki Minaj does her best "formation" cameo and must have said, I'm doing this stuopid basketball isht. She's a saving grace of this video.

Sportscasters talking about the characters for an agonizing long time is a winded rip-off of the vibe we saw in "Dodgeball", and didn't need to see again.

Now the internet weighs in.

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