The One Story You Don't Know About Mike Fisher. You'll Miss Him More.

The world needs more Mike Fishers.

It'll be difficult not seeing Mike Fisher skating in Predators gold this season. He deserves his retirement, but we'll still miss him.  There's been a lot of adjectives used to describe him: talented, feisty, fast, captain, Christian, handsome, and, well the list could go on and on.

But the one thing at the center of Mike Fisher is a solid core of decency and kindness.  

This story is not one he'll tell you. But it needs to be heard.  

While we say goodbye to his playing days in Nashville. Someone else had to say goodbye to him when he played for his former team, the Ottawa Senators.  And they told this story when he announced he was hanging up his skates.

Thankfully we'll still have him off the ice.  

The world needs more Mike Fishers.