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Dad Catches Babysitter Asleep On The Job. Teaches Her Harsh Lesson.

A dad did something drastic to teach his babysitter a horrible lesson when she fell asleep for 2 and a half hours... and had no idea where his kids were.

Christopher Soares and his wife hired a babysitter to watch their two young children for the day. But when he forgot some important work papers, he turned around and went home. He found his kids playing while the sitter was sound asleep on the couch. (seen below)

Images: Viralthread.com

He waited 30 minutes to see if she'd wake up. She didn't. So he took the kids out of the house and let her stay asleep.

2 hours later, she started blowing up his phone.

She might have woken earlier, but she waited 2 hours to get help.  He wouldn't let her know the real story of the kids.

He wanted to press charges with police, but was urged not to. So he took it to Facebook. She filed harassment charges against him for posting everything on FB.

Was it too harsh? Or just right for not protecting the kids?

image: viralthread.com  (blurred by us to protect her identity as a minor)

Story source: Viralthread.com

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