Tiger Loose On Interstate In Atlanta Shot.

Updated 8:00am

A crazy situation on the interstate in Atlanta this morning as a tiger was loose on I-75.

Police were everywhere, and people in cars were told to stay inside and keep their windows closed and stay put.  As of this posting, no one knows who owned the tiger. It was not from the zoo or area animal sanctuary.

Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary was on the scene to try to immobilize the tiger with a tranquilizer. But according to their Facebook page:

Unfortunately, human life became at risk and the tiger was shot by the authorities. All of our tigers are accounted for. Thank you to the officers for trying their best to bring this animal to safety.

Authorities said they had to shoot the tiger when it jumped the fence and entered a backyard of a residence. Also, school buses would be arriving in the neighborhood to pickup kids soon. They still are trying to find out where the tiger came from.