How To Be a Know-It-All Before The New iPhone Is Unveiled Today.

Woody and Jim listeners are smarter and more learned than other people.

Be a know it all before the big Apple unveiling of the next iPhone today.  Just throw these things out around your friends and you'll look like Nostradamus.  

  • The "home" button is gone along with "touch ID" (fingerprint recognition to open your phone)
  • Instead, it has a 3d camera that will recognize your face.
  • The screen will go to the edges of the iphone. The black bezels on the top and bottom will almost completely be gone.
  • it will charge wirelessly (either by setting it on a pad, or simply being near the charger)
  • it will not be called the iPhone 8.
  • it will be called the iPhone X (the roman numeral for 10 on it's 10th anniversary)

Or does the X stand for EXPENSIVE?!

  • It's rumored to start at the nice price of $1,000.