There's An 80 Ft Deep Secret Lake in Midtown Nashville To Be Destroyed

Near where Broadway splits into West End in downtown Nashville, there's a secret lake. It's 80 ft deep. It's been there a long time. And you probably drove within feet of it hundreds of times and didn't know it. It's called Palmer Lake to Nashvillians who've been here a little while.

But Palmer Lake was never supposed to exist.  It was actually a development project that was started, but never finished by a man named Alex Palmer in 2007.  They were digging for the foundation and parking garage when the project fell through. Then this giant hole just filled with rain, and is probably filled with God knows what.

But that's about to change.

Can you imagine what they might find when they dredge up that icky water for construction?

Dead bodies? Laura Palmer's? (nod to our Twin Peaks friends)

Maybe it won't be that exciting. Maybe it'll just be useless Moviepass cards.