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The Worst College Majors If You Want To Make $$.

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Picking the right major is crucial if you wanna make money and not live with your parents forever.

Unfortunately, if you have a fine arts degree, it's going to be tough to move out.  A financial website Bankate, looked at 162 college majors.

Fine Arts majors get it twice as bad. They have the hardest time finding a job. When they do, they make less than 41K (the average in the survey was 71k a year).

Here's the bottom 5 majors for earning money...

#158  Visual and Performing Arts  -average income $43,996  -unemployment 4.0%

#159  Cosmetology Services and Culinary Arts  -average income $42,362 -unemployment 4.7%

#160  Clinical Psychology -average income $51,022 -unemployment 4.8%

#161  Composition and Speech  -average income $44,211 -unemployment 4.9%  and...

#162 out of 162 Miscellaneous Fine Arts  -average income -$40,855 -unemployment 9.1%

On the flip side, here's the top 5 majors.

1 Actuarial Science $108,658

2.Zoology $111,889

3. Nuclear Engineering $108,591

4. Health and Medical Preparatory Programs $130,308

5. Applied Mathematics $105,679

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