Nashville Pilgrimage Fest Issuing Refunds Amid Fan Outrage

The Pilgrimage Festival 2018 in Franklin was shut down by this weekend's weather and threats of severe weather. Of course it was great disappointment to the fans (some of whom traveled far to get here). 

But many fans were outraged with the cancellation, and how the evacuation was handled. Here's the official statements from the festival.

Many fans disputed the severity of the weather, while others cited it was a "rain or shine" ticket. When Saturday's events were shut down, people were sent to shelters set up by the fest, or to places nearby, like The Factory.

But there were other complaints of people being made to sit in their car for 3 hours before they were allowed to leave. And as you know, traffic leaving this event has always been a nightmare.

Lionel Richie wasn't happy either.

Read below to see the outrage, and complete understanding of some festival goers.

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