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Nashville's Secret Underground Tunnels

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We've always heard there were secret tunnels underground Nashville. So we asked for callers to tell us of the ones they knew about. And for this blog we found evidence of some more. Some good work by Curious Nashville led to some of the info here.

Here's what we learned. They're are little known tunnels under 

  • Vanderbilt University

  • Printers Alley

  • West End Middle School

  • Hume Fogg school

  • possibly a cadaver tunnel

  • Opryland Hotel

Let's start there at our biggest hotel with an eyewitness account.

Nashville school tunnels.

Then we heard about tunnels under Nashville schools downtown. West End Middle and historic Hume Fogg on Broadway.

A historical Hume Fogg website even tells us there's one time a year when you cango in it. And that's coming soon.

The building consists of five floors including the basement,
which has several tunnels leading to various places around downtown Nashville; however, they are currently boarded off and inaccessible, except during Ghost Tours held every October by the school's Student Government Association

The Cadevor Tunnel.  

This is the rumored tunnel used to transport dead bodies between Nashville General Hospital and a medical school that existed nearby. This theory is not supported by this historical map which only seems to show some possible connecting pipes.

Printers Alley.

We also heard about a tunnel that starts at Printers Alley and ends at the Cumberland river.  The theories about this one range from smuggling booze during prohibition to a passage for the Underground Railroad used by slaves to escape north. Here's video.

Tunnels under Vandy.

These are not secret tunnels (pictured in the map below) and they are used for utilities and such today. There are rumors that the tunnels lead to a secret room only accessible to the Chancellor.

photo: Nashville Metro Government

This show even did some "digging" (sorry, I'll let myself out) around in the Vandy tunnels.

Drainage culverts.

These aren't tunnels, but they kind of are. These guys show us where the water (and God knows what else) go.

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