Seal Uses Octopus To Slap Kayaker In The Face.

Video backs this up. What a metaphor. Sometimes it just feels like life is slappin ya in the face with an octopus. And the one who slapped you with the octo is a giant seal. That's what I've always said.

At least that's what I've always said since I saw this freakin video. Thank God someone was recording this, because no one would believe it if it was just a story.

Why? What would make a seal so hacked off that they would do this? If you hate the kayaker, you could just hit him up the side of his head with your flipper!

Is the octopus an innocent bystander here? Beng used as a weapon? Or was the seal kicking the octopus out of the sea because he's a D*@k. That would make the kayaker an innocent bystander. (I've thought too long and hard about this.)

Sadly, until 1st contact is made with seals or octopi, we'll never know the answer. But I think this next person wins the internet, because this is how I feel.

Let's go behind the scenes.