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Nashville Has A New Kind Of Scooter To Annoy You.

Nashville has another new way to get around. It's the sit-down scooter from a company new to Nashville, DASH.  But these are very unlike the scooters we see from BIRD and LIME. And the difference isn't just that you sit-down instead of stand. These are much more "serious" forms of transport. And they're not cheap.

The company may call them scooters, but here's how they're different:

  • You can't just grab one anywhere. You have to get them from their rental facility. And you can't just leave them wherever you go. You have to return them.

  • They provide the helmet.

  • They can go close to 40MPH.

  • They cost $40-$55 for 2 hours.

  • Your rental includes a wheel lock, so no one else can grab it when you stop somewhere.

  • It's designed more for sightseeing tourists.

And you don't need a motorcycle license, since it technically doesn't fall into that category.

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