Eagles Fans Drank All The Booze On Flight To Nashville

Southwest Airlines  Photo: Getty Images

Southwest Airlines Photo: Getty Images

Southwest flight attendant Rachel Manning was forced to suffer through a flight from Philadelphia to Nashville for the Titans/Eagles game last Sunday. The fans drained the plane of every ounce of alcohol. They also played the same music over and over and over.

She Instagrammed her "excitement" about the flight. 

"Just flew 175 Eagles fans to Nashville. Sold every bit of liquor on the plane and had to listen “fly eagles fly” 35 times. I need a drink and our town need some praying over. 😉. GO TITANS!!!"

But Rachel had the last laugh as the Titans upset the Eagles 26-23 in overtime. We wonder if the celebration on the flight to Nashville was like the one in the Titans locker room?

We now present footage of Eagles fans heading back to the airport after the game.

They probably needed even more alcohol on the plane home to deaden the pain.