Sheriff Pushes Lady in Wheelchair Home One Mile Through Desert

Sheriff's in California got a call that a wheelchair was left in the road and was a hazard. But when they got out there to check it out, there was an elderly lady sitting in it!  The rest of the story comes from the Lancaster County Sheriff's Department Facebook page:

Her motorized wheelchair had run out of power and she was stranded. Deputies Chapman and Montanez quickly offered her a ride home, but she was very upset about leaving her only means of mobility behind. The wheelchair, being quite heavy and unable to fold because of the battery pack, did not fit in their patrol vehicle. 

That's when Deputy Montanez stepped up. He decided he would push the wheelchair to her home, about one mile, in full uniform and boots. Deputy Chapman teased him about his "slow" pace and you can hear our elderly friend getting a good laugh out of it!We are so incredibly grateful to all of our deputies for the work they do on a daily basis. My hero wears a badge.#LASD #AV411 #soundon #workoutoftheday #myherowearsabadgeLos Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Deputy Montanez, you're Woody and Jim's Positive Pants Hero of the Day.  Every weekday morning at 6:35 and 9:35am we tell you about people doing positive things in this world, and we call it putting on our "Positive Pants".